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Software Services

We provide the following software services

CMS for music

Harmonize your online presence effortlessly with our Music Content Management System (CMS). From tracks to artist profiles, take control of your digital melody as you curate, organize, and showcase your musical portfolio with ease.

CMS for mobile operators

Optimize operational symphony with our Content Management System (CMS) tailored for mobile operators. Streamline content delivery, enhance user experiences, and orchestrate a seamless mobile journey with our cutting-edge CMS solution..

Web application

Web application services encompass the development and maintenance of dynamic, user-friendly applications tailored for the web. These services focus on delivering seamless functionality, scalability, and a superior user experience to meet the diverse needs of businesses and users in the digital landscape.

Web portal

Our versatile suite of apps caters to the diverse requirements of the music industry, serving broadcasters, digital services, collecting societies, publishers, labels, and others, with expandable and configurable modules adapting to evolving user experiences.

Landing page

Landing page services specialize in creating visually appealing and conversion-focused web pages, tailored to capture visitor attention and drive specific actions. From compelling design to strategic content placement, these services aim to optimize user experience and maximize the effectiveness of online campaigns.

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Second floor Building No.11 Abo El Karamat St - From Tanta St - Agouza - Giza

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